Police looking into intruders of Westdale neighbourhood

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18 Sep Police looking into intruders of Westdale neighbourhood

Police looking into intruders of Westdale neighbourhood

Police are urging residents in the Westdale neighbourhood to keep their windows and doors locked.

Hamilton police are investigating reports of prowlers in the Westdale neighbourhood that have been sneaking into unlocked homes, trespassing in backyards and peering into windows. Two women reported being awoken by a stranger in their bedroom, one of which was sexually assaulted.

There have been 12 reports filed since July but Police are considering the possibility that there may be multiple suspects. At least three intruders have entered homes in the area through unlocked doors or windows in the last month.

A woman reported being awoken by the sound of creaking stairs and saw a man silhouetted in the doorway of her bedroom. He was described as a thin white male, about five feet eight inches tall, and wearing dark clothes.

About half an hour later, two women on Paisley Avenue South reported seeing a man with an “unkempt beard” peering through the front window of their rented home. He could be between 25 and 30 years old.

Police are tracking all potentially related incidents in the neighbourhood and urge residents who see suspicious activity to call police at 905-546-4861 or on campus McMaster security dispatch at 905-525-9140. Call 911 if there is a crime in progress.

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