Pier 8 Waterfront Development Proposals

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18 Apr Pier 8 Waterfront Development Proposals

Pier 8 Waterfront Development Proposals

Pier 8 will be a vibrant urban waterfront community designed to be enjoyed by all residents of Hamilton and visitors.

The community will include:

  • approximately 1500 residential units
  • approximately 13,000 square metres of commercial and institutional space
  • over 1400 parking spaces

Proponents were directed to submit materials that depict and describe their development plan in three formats:

  • multimedia video presentation
  • set of presentation panels that include illustrations and area plans
  • set of user stories that describe segments of the population that may live, work, or congregate at Pier 8

One of four teams will win the exclusive right to develop a new community at Pier 8!

Check out the proposals here

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