Queen St traffic improvements

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14 Jul Queen St traffic improvements

Queen St traffic improvements

Earlier this spring, City of Hamilton staff conducted a traffic safety audit which enabled them to discover and implement changes to traffic patterns in the area to increase visibility and promote safety on the roads. Several traffic improvements have been made and will be enforced using pavement markings and knockdown sticks. These changes include:

  • A newly designated lane for motorists turning left from Queen St S onto Aberdeen Ave
  • No left turns onto Stanley Ave for motorists travelling northbound on Queen St S
  • A temporary median island on Queen St S that physically blocks and prevents illegal left turns onto Stanley Ave for motorists.

Other traffic safety improvements have been made on Queen St S recently.  These improvements include:

  • The speed limit on Queen St S reduced to 40km/h
  • Knockdown sticks and reduced turning radius at Stanley Ave and Aberdeen Ave
  • Reconstruction of crosswalks at Aberdeen Ave
  • Knockdown sticks and speed advisory pavement at Queen Street S
  • Pedestrian crossover at Herkimer St
  • Signal timing adjustment at Aberdeen Avenue and Queen St S
  • Dynamic speed signs south of Aberdeen Ave and near Robinson St
  • Narrowing of the right-turn at Aberdeen Ave and Queen St S
  • Removal of the dual left-turns from Charlton Ave onto Queen St S, improving the pedestrian experience crossing on the south side
  • Increased the signal timings at Queen/Duke for pedestrians benefit
  • Increased the pedestrian timing for crossing Main St and King St
  • Ladder crosswalk for Herkimer St, Duke St, Hunter St, and Main St

Another traffic improvement is coming to Queen St S. The street is scheduled to be converted to two-way traffic between Herkimer St and Main St. This change is to happen in summer 2019 and will benefit overall traffic flow.

With these new traffic improvements being implemented, we remind all pedestrians and motorists to be mindful, alert, and most importantly, safe, when on the road.

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